Dear all respective and valuable customers,

Corporate travel today is about much more than where your travelers are going. It’s about the way your business is moving. Let us introducing our company “GRAND TOURISM INDONESIA”. Is the only Tours and Event Management, we assure you that we always transform your success  into our services. Using your strategic objectives as a starting point, “GRAND TOURISM INDONESIA” delivers not only the reliable, high-quality services for any of your traveler needs, we focus on the larger goals of your company: cost optimization and the highest possible return on your travel investment.

In fact, we combine the two, service and value in a way no other travel management company does, creating a dynamic performance cycle in which procurement, transaction processing and ongoing measurement form a fact-based, interactive loop to maximize your success.

Consider your travel spend today, at “GRAND TOURISM INDONESIA”, we focus our mind on the big picture, delivering the right combination of service and value to optimize your results on a continuous basis.

Our strong motto is “Benefit for All”. So, please do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy the most benefit you can get for you and your company. Hopefully, we are looking forward to serve you soon. Lastly, we would like to thank you for your trust on us.

WA – 24Hrs assistance : +62 815 4611 2690

Email : info@grandtourismindonesia.com